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Plain Orange Cotton Fabric

100% Cotton Fabric 

Introducing our vibrant collection of plain orange cotton fabrics, specifically curated for quilters and fabric craft enthusiasts who crave a burst of color and exceptional quality in their projects. These alluring orange hues range from soft apricot to deep tangerine, exuding warmth and invigorating creativity.

Our 100% pure cotton fabrics boast a soft, smooth texture and a luxurious feel, ensuring your quilting and crafting projects come to life with unmatched comfort and longevity. Selected from trusted brands such as Paint Brush Studio, Makower, Benartex, and Rose & Hubble, these high-quality fabrics offer a range of warm and vibrant oranges.

Ideal for quilting, appliqué, patchwork, and various fabric crafts, our plain orange cotton fabrics are a beautiful addition to your creative repertoire. Let your imagination run wild and create stunning projects that are sure to turn heads and spark joy with our captivating orange cotton fabrics.