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Atomic Fabric Collection

Libs Elliott's Craftsmanship: The Atomic Fabric LineImmerse yourself in the exquisite world of Atomic, a fabric collection crafted exclusively for passionate quilters, enthusiastic crafters and avant-garde textile artists. Radiating a symphony of 18 bold and beautiful colours, each fabric boasts a pristine plain hue, subtly punctuated by delicate lightning bolts that spark creativity.

Woven from 100% luxurious cotton with a width of 44” / 112cm, its soft texture and impeccable weight of 145gsm ensures durability whilst preserving the fabric's innate grace and flow. As a tone-on-tone blender, it's perfect for coordinating with other fabrics or standing out on its own, offering versatility in every stitch.

Download the free quilt pattern by Libs Elliott for Atomic collection

Produced by Andover Fabrics, the Atomic collection's signature quality and finesse is palpable. At its helm is the inimitable Libs Elliott, a pioneering textile artist and designer. Libs intricately melds the traditional craft with modern technology, leveraging generative design to craft unparalleled fabric designs. Her deep-rooted appreciation for craftsmanship, combined with a keen eye for design history and a penchant for future-forward applications, is seamlessly encapsulated in the Atomic collection.

For those who yearn for unmatched quality, breathtaking designs, and an infusion of modern artistry in their projects, Atomic beckons. Let each fabric inspire your next masterpiece, telling a story of innovation, tradition, and sheer artistry.