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Bali Batiks

Hoffman Bali Batiks: Hand-Dyed Artisan Fabric

Discover the exquisite artistry of Hoffman Bali Batiks, a testament to the intricate beauty of Indonesian batik. This fabric line brings the traditional craftsmanship of Bali into the hands of creatives worldwide. Each piece of fabric, spanning a width of 43 inches and a fabric weight of 145gsm, is a canvas of cultural storytelling, meticulously hand-dyed in Bali, Indonesia.


For more than three decades, Hoffman Fabrics has cultivated the authentic craft of batik-making within their Balinese factory, nestled on the idyllic Indonesian island. Originating from the creative minds of skilled textile artists in Mission Viejo, California, each batik motif is meticulously conceived and intricately drawn. This artistry is then entrusted to the expert hands of master craftspeople in Bali, who, with an exceptional eye for colour and design, bring to life the stunning batiks that quilters exclusively cherish.


Hoffman Bali Batiks stand apart not only for their aesthetic appeal but also for their commitment to sustainability. The dedicated plant in Bali is a pioneer in eco-friendly production, allowing quilters and textile artists to make an eco-conscious choice without compromising on quality.


A person's hand pressing a traditional batik wax stamp onto fabric, creating intricate patterns.

Indonesian batik captivates with its vibrant colors and elaborate patterns. The wax "resist" technique, a heritage of centuries, ensures that each fabric tells its own tale through its multilayered, deep colors, and intricate designs. The result is a fabric that feels soft, supple, and breathable, pre-shrunk for your convenience and a delight to work with.


Whether you're piecing together a patchwork masterpiece, creating bespoke home decor, or sewing a vibrant accessory, Hoffman Bali Batiks brings a touch of Indonesian tradition to your creations. Embrace the charm of batik and the assurance of quality with this stunning fabric line.