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The Art of Imperfection: Verdigris Fabric Collection

Verdigris Collection ImageDiscover the compelling allure of "Verdigris", a distinguished fabric collection masterfully designed by Libs Elliott for Andover Fabrics. This collection is a heartfelt ode to the ephemeral beauty of urban decay and the poignant memories of places that have left indelible marks on the designer's journey through life – from the serene landscapes of the Kawarthas to the vibrant pulse of Toronto, NYC, and Dublin. Verdigris is not just a fabric collection; it's a narrative woven from the threads of time, paying homage to the enduring impressions of past and present.

With Verdigris, Libs Elliott invites quilters, crafters, and textile artists to delve into a world where the imperfections and patinas shaped by the passage of time are celebrated. This collection comprises 24 meticulously curated fabrics that capture the essence of beauty found in the remnants of what once was. Each fabric tells a story, echoing the comfort and familiarity that comes with cherished memories.

Andover Fabrics, renowned for its commitment to quality and diversity, presents this collection with its signature 100% cotton fabrics known for their exquisite hand-feel. The Verdigris palette is a thoughtful assembly of soft and deep neutrals, warm rusts, and cool sage greens, reflecting the nuanced landscapes of Libs Elliott's experiences. This palette, rich in emotional depth and visual appeal, offers a versatile range of hues that perfectly complements the thematic essence of the collection.

This selection is designed to inspire and captivate, offering a spectrum of grit and softness that promises to add a unique interest to any project. Whether you are quilting a masterpiece, crafting a personal item, or bringing to life a textile art piece, Verdigris provides the perfect canvas to express creativity and evoke a sense of connection with the environments that influence our lives.

Free Verdigris PatternAndover Fabrics and Libs Elliott, through Verdigris, invite you to explore the beauty in decay, the stories behind the scars, and the warmth in the colours that time reveals. This collection is more than fabric; it's an invitation to weave your own stories into creations that hold meaning, comfort, and a touch of the past. Engage with Verdigris and let your artistic endeavors be a tribute to the timeless beauty that surrounds us.