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Discover OLFA: Quintessential Tools for Quilters

Embarking on a textile journey, quilters and crafters seek tools that transform fabric into quilts that tell stories, encapsulate memories, and radiate artistry. At the heart of this creative alchemy is OLFA, a brand synonymous with precision, innovation, and the intrepid spirit of its founder, Mr. Yoshio Okada. Since 1956, OLFA has been crafting a legacy that began with the groundbreaking Snap-Off Blade Cutter and was revolutionized in 1979 with the OLFA® rotary cutter—a tool that has become as indispensable to quilters as the needle is to thread.


OLFA’s commitment to quality is evident in the sharpness of each blade, the durability of the cutting mats, and the precision of the rulers. A stringent quality control process ensures every product bearing the OLFA® name embodies reliability. The distinctive yellow hue of OLFA® tools is not just a color—it’s a promise of safety, a nod to tradition, and a symbol of the trust that quilters across the globe place in these cutting solutions. With each slice of the rotary cutter, OLFA® enhances the crafting experience, ensuring that every cut is a step towards a masterpiece.


Hand using an OLFA rotary cutter on a quilt patchwork block with a cutting mat and ruler.

OLFA Lifetime Guarantee, click for more information or to register your product.

We offer a Life Time Guarantee on all OLFA cutter units (excluding blades). Click here to learn more or to register your product.