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Geometric Patterns

Discover Vibrant Geometric Cotton Quilting Fabrics, pile of geometric fabric printsEmbrace Structure with Geometric Fabric Prints: A Modern Aesthetic for Quilting & Textile Art

Elevate your quilting projects with our stunning collection of geometric fabric prints. These bold, repeating patterns, composed of geometric shapes like squares, triangles, circles and even abstract forms, bring structure, order and a unique visual interest to your creations.

Our geometric pattern fabric range plays a significant role in quilting, providing a versatile and contemporary aesthetic that's both loved by traditional and modern quilters alike. Whether you're creating a comforting quilt or a piece of textile art, geometric fabrics add an extra layer of intrigue.

Discover a wide array of designs, from simple and symmetrical motifs to complex and intricate arrangements. Whether you favour monochromatic themes or a vibrant array of colours, our geometric fabrics can cater to your artistic vision.

Crafted from high-quality printed cotton fabric, our geometric fabrics are perfect for all quilting and patchwork fabric needs. With Cotton quilting fabric in a range of geometric patterns, your creative possibilities are endless. Embark on your quilting journey with our geometric prints, and let your artistic expression unfold.