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Hand Quilting Needles

Discover the Best Hand Quilting Needles for Your Project

Hand Quilting Needles: The Quilter's Essential CompanionExperience the magic of quilting at its finest with our expertly curated selection of hand quilting needles. Specifically designed for traditional hand quilting, these high-quality needles offer unparalleled control, accuracy and ease of use.

“Betweens”, a term often associated with the hand quilting needles, are an essential addition to your toolkit. Crafted to be sharp, short and narrow, these needles come with a small, rounded eye that effortlessly glides through your fabric and wadding layers.

The hallmark of Betweens is their versatility, with sizes ranging from 3-12 to cater to your quilting needs. Remember, the larger the number, the smaller the needle – enabling precision on even the most intricate designs.

Your quilting journey shouldn't be hampered by dull needles. Therefore, regular needle replacement is advised to ensure you continue creating stunning and precise stitches on your treasured projects.

Explore our wide range of quilting needles for hand quilting and discover why we're the choice for quilters, textile artists and crafters.