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10" Squares

10" fabric bundles stacked on a cutting matDiscover Your Perfect 10" Square Fabric Bundle

Embrace the art of quilting with our expertly curated 10 Inch Charm Square bundles, also known as layer cakes. Each pack is meticulously cut in-house, ensuring precision in every 10” x 10” (25.4 cm x 25.4 cm) fabric square. These collections offer a harmonious mix of colours and patterns, designed to seamlessly blend together for  your creative projects.

A Bespoke Layer Cake - for Your Project

Our 10” fabrics square collections range from smaller assortments of 10-21 fabric squares to full fabric line collections. This flexibility allows you to select the number of 10” fabric squares needed, from one or more packs, for your quilting, home decor, or accessory projects, combining convenience with bespoke charm.

Embrace the variety and value of our in-house cut 10” fabric squares. Ideal for crafting intricate patchwork, elegant quilts, and engaging textile arts, each fabric is chosen not only for its exceptional quality and visual appeal but also for its potential to inspire and enhance your unique creations. Let our 10 Inch Charm Squares, curated and cut by our skilled team, inspire your next sewing adventure. They are perfect for both augmenting your fabric stash and bringing your imaginative ideas to life, ensuring each stitch contributes to your personal artistic journey.