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Experience the epitome of luxury and sophistication with Makower's Spraytime fabric collection, tailor-made for the ardent quilter, dedicated crafter, and contemporary textile artist. This fabric is constructed from 100% pure cotton, ensuring it's as soft as it is durable, and features a comfortable fabric weight of 145gsm.

One glance at the Spraytime collection reveals a mesmerising tone-on-tone blender texture, setting it apart from other fabrics. This tonal texture promises to seamlessly complement a myriad of other fabrics, making it the ultimate choice for intricate quilting designs and artistic projects. It's the kind of fabric that not only meets your needs but inspires new projects.

Proudly presented by Makower, a brand renowned for their commitment to quality, the Spraytime fabric line is a testimony to their craftsmanship. Each design in the collection is meticulously printed on top-tier cotton base cloth, promising not just longevity but a truly luxurious feel, unmatched handle, and exquisite drape.

Elevate your creations with Spraytime, where beauty meets versatility. Whether you're crafting a classic quilt, designing a chic apparel, or indulging in innovative textile art, this fabric promises to be the star of your ensemble.