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Wadding With No Scrim

Explore Quilt Batting Without Scrim for Effortless Hand Quilting

Perfect Hand Quilting Experience with Quilt Wadding No ScrimDive into our selection of wadding without a scrim, perfectly designed for the delicate art of hand quilting. Scrim, a light layer of woven fibres, often adds stability to wadding. However, the absence of this layer in quilt batting brings unparalleled ease for handwork. 

Hand quilters love the ease of manoeuvring needles through quilt wadding with no scrim; it's less dense, pliable and simple to penetrate, reducing hand fatigue. Our selection boasts a variety of materials, encompassing 100% cotton, cotton-poly blends, sumptuous wool, and durable polyester. The wadding comes in both standard and extra wide widths, meeting your every need.

Source your quilt batting without scrim from our trusted range which reflects our commitment to quality. Each piece of wadding is hand-cut straight off the bolt in one continuous length, catering to your unique project requirements. We sell all wadding by the half metre, ensuring you have the freedom to order exactly what you need.

Finally, we believe in greener future. All our wadding is thoughtfully wrapped and dispatched in plastic-free packaging, as part of our commitment towards sustainability. Explore our selection today and experience the superior quality and feel of our No Scrim Wadding.