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Fusible Wadding Tape

Embrace Efficiency with Fusible Quilt Wadding Tape

Roll of fusible wadding tape

Save money and minimise waste with our Fusible Wadding Tape, available in ¾” and 1.5”widths. Ideal for the enthusiastic quilter, this transformative product has been designed to help you make the most of your quilting wadding scraps.

For those living by the mantra "Waste not, want not", or those faced with the familiar challenge of a wadding piece that’s just shy of your quilt top size, our fusible wadding tape is a quilting revelation. A convenient alternative to stitching your batting pieces together, this product ensures a smooth and even finish, void of any lumps or uneven thicknesses.

The application is incredibly simple. Use it to seamlessly patch holes in your wadding or connect batting pieces, creating a uniform layer. This fusible batting solution might just become your new favourite tool in your quilting arsenal.

Curious about how it works? A simple tutorial video to the right guides you through the process, showcasing the ease of application. You'll soon discover the versatility of fusible quilt wadding tape and may find yourself wondering how you ever quilted without it.