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Taylor Seville's Magic Pins: Revolutionising Quilting

Easy Grip Magic Pins: A New Era in QuiltingImmerse yourself in the magic of quilting with Magic Pins. Crafted by Taylor Seville, these pins are a game changer for quilt enthusiasts, textile artists and crafters worldwide. The Magic Pins, designed to reduce hand fatigue, offer an unparalleled pinning experience with their super sharp point, robust shaft and heat resistant head.

With a diverse range available to cater for all your needle crafting needs, the Taylor Seville Magic Pins revolutionise the way you quilt. Experience the ease of their patented silicone handle, engineered with ridges for an effortless grip. Long periods of pinning are no longer a chore; instead, they become a delight, with our sharp pins promising comfort and reducing fatigue.

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A key feature that sets Magic Pins apart is their heat resistance. 

Iron over them without worry, as these pins stand up to heat remarkably, eliminating any risk of melting. The vibrant pin heads, colour-coded for their functionality, add a fun twist to your crafting process while the sturdy storage box ensures your pins are always organised and easy to find.

Delve into the world of Magic Pins and elevate your quilting experience with Taylor Seville today!