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Wadding Remnants

Discover Quality Wadding Remnants for Your Craft Needs

Quality Wadding Remnants for Your Craft NeedsEmbrace the quilting spirit of reusing and repurposing with our selection of wadding remnants. Originating mainly from end-of-rolls and a few mis-cuts, these pieces may not fit the usual half-metre cuts, but each is a testament to quality wadding - with a unique character of its own.

Affordably priced at or below cost, these wadding remnants offer an eco-friendly, cost-effective solution to your crafting needs. Ideal for petite projects such as placemats, coasters, and small art quilts, they can be transformed into beautiful and functional quilted pieces.

What's more, our wadding remnants serve as a fabulous testing ground for different types and brands of wadding. Explore, experiment, and expand your horizons with these remarkable pieces of wadding and batting. The journey to your next quilting masterpiece begins here.