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Checks & Gingham

Versatile Checkered Fabric Bolts Stacked for Memorable Quilting ProjectsUncover Timeless Appeal with Checks and Gingham Cotton Prints

Step into the world of Checks and Gingham Prints, a perfect blend of timeless appeal and charm that adds a touch of nostalgia to your textile projects. Sought-after by quilters, textile artists and crafters, these popular designs breathe life into your artworks with their distinct pattern of small squares or checks.

Discover our range of cotton checked fabric, a versatile choice that is as visually appealing as it is delightful to touch. Known for their contrasting colours, these checkered fabric designs infuse a classic aesthetic to your quilting projects. Our Cotton quilting fabric is meticulously selected for its premium quality, offering enduring charm and longevity to your textile masterpieces.

The beauty of Gingham lies in its simplistic elegance. Characterised by small, evenly spaced checks in light and dark hues, our printed cotton fabric delivers a pleasing visual rhythm to your creations. Often rendered in one or two colours, Gingham imparts a cheerful, country-style vibe to your quilts, stirring warmth and evoking treasured memories.

With our patchwork fabric, create a montage of memories in your quilt, as you intertwine different Gingham prints, showcasing your unique artistic vision. Whether you're creating a handmade gift or a statement piece for your home, our Checks and Gingham Prints collection is a treasure trove of inspiration for your next project.