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King (UK Super King) Size Wadding Packs

Unfold Creativity: Premium Range of King Size Wadding Packs

Expertly Pre-Cut Wadding for Your Quilt ProjectsWelcome to the wonderful world of King Sized Quilt Wadding, where the best of stitch meets comfort. Explore our premium range of pre-cut wadding (batting), specially designed for quilting. "King" size wadding label is based on a North American batting term, but here in the UK, rest assured, this is the perfect size for your Super King quilt.

Our large collection of King size wadding packs are hand-cut to 120” wide by 124” long, ensuring enough wadding for your Super King size quilts. If you're looking for a smaller size, we also stock select brands in a Small King that measures 108” by 108”.

View or Download Our Free UK Bed Size ChartEvery piece of our pre-cut batting is expertly cut in-house, allowing you to delve right into your project with little delay. Being committed to environmental responsibility, our King size wadding packs are shipped in plastic-free packaging, reinforcing our belief in sustainable crafting.

Discover the richness of our diverse brands within this category and indulge in the sheer joy of crafting the perfect quilt with our King (UK Super King) Wadding Packs.