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Rulers, Tapes & Templates

Welcome to our Quilting Rulers, Measuring Tapes and Patchwork Templates section! We're delighted to offer you a fantastic selection of high-quality quilting rulers, measuring tapes, and patchwork templates to help you create beautiful patchwork and quilting designs with precision and ease.Acrylic Rulers, Tapes and Templates

Our range of acrylic rulers are available in various lengths and widths, making them perfect for your rotary cutting needs. We also carry a variety of specialty shape and strip rulers, including hexagons, triangles and diamonds, to help you achieve perfect fabric strips and a wide range of desired fabric shape for your patchwork.

We understand that using quilting rulers can sometimes be tricky, which is why we offer a range of accessories to make their use simple and safe including ruler handles, non-slip ruler grips and sprays. We also carry ruler racks!

In addition to our selection of quilting rulers, we also carry a range of tailor's measuring tapes come in both standard and quilting lengths. We also offer self-adhesive measuring tapes, which can be attached to your table or work surface, allowing you to quickly and easily measure your fabric as you work.

Finally, we have a range of templates for applique shapes and quilting designs.  Whether you're a traditional quilter or love to experiment with modern designs, our templates will provide you with the perfect starting point for your next project.

We take pride in offering a wide range of quilting rulers, measuring tapes, and patchwork templates to suit every quilter's needs. Our products are sourced from top-quality manufacturers to ensure you get the best possible results every time. Browse our selection today and find the perfect tools for your next quilting project!