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100% Cotton Wadding

Durable and Biodegradable Cotton WaddingExplore Premium 100% Cotton Quilt Batting: Natural Comfort for Your Craft

Welcome to our premium selection of 100% cotton wadding, perfect for creating exquisite quilts that offer ultimate comfort and longevity. A favourite among quilters, 100% cotton wadding brings your creations to life, offering unparalleled breathability and moisture wicking properties.

Compared to other types of wadding, cotton is a thin, low-loft wadding with a moderate drape and quilts nice and flat. It softens with use and ages very well. A washed quilt with 100% cotton wadding gives you that classic crinkled, “well-loved” look. 

Durable, biodegradable and easy to handle, 100% cotton batting for quilts ensures your designs stand out beautifully while offering the cosy warmth you desire. Perfect for a myriad of projects from bedding to baby quilts, wall hangings to table runners, 100% cotton wadding will infuse your crafts with quality and care. You'll appreciate its natural fibres, an eco-friendly choice ensuring sustainability and conscious crafting.

Browse our collection of 100% cotton wadding for quilts, available from leading brands that understand your passion for crafting. Immerse yourself in the world of quality quilting, where our cotton batting is the silent partner making your projects shine.