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Fabric Cutting Tools

Welcome to our expanding collection of cutting tools. When it comes to your sewing projects, selecting the right cutting tool ensures efficiency, safety, and impeccable results.

Our assortment has been carefully chosen to cater to quilters, textile artists, and crafters alike. Take a look at our range of rotary cutters for fabric, an essential tool for your quilting or textile art sewing kit. We also stock top-notch replacement rotary cutter blades to ensure effortless and safe slicing.

Discover our fantastic selection of scissors for sewing, designed with precision and comfort in mind. We offer high-quality fabric scissors and pinking shears that will breeze through any fabric cutting task. Additionally, we proudly present the complete range of Karen Kay Buckley Perfect Scissors, renowned among appliqué artists for their exceptional quality and innovative design.

For smaller cutting tasks, our embroidery scissors, snips, and convenient thread cutters will swiftly deliver a neat finish every time. And don't forget to explore our range of seam rippers and stitch unpickers, indispensable for rectifying minor stitching errors.

At Morris Works, our commitment lies in providing you with high-quality cutting tools at fair and competitive prices. Come and see what awaits you!