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Low Volume Prints

Discover the Understated Beauty of Low Volume Fabric Prints

Low Volume Fabric PrintsAs a quilter, textile artist or crafter, you understand the role each fabric plays in your textile design. In this section of our online shop we celebrate the subtle allure of low volume fabrics. Also known as low value prints, these neutral, pale coloured print fabrics command subtlety while contributing a stunning aesthetic to your creations.

Why should you consider low volume prints? The charm lies in their delicacy. Unlike bolder fabrics, these subtle designs add visual interest to the receding aspects of a quilt top, enhancing your work without overpowering it. They pair excellently with our collection of vibrant cotton quilting fabric, blending effortlessly into the background while allowing your feature prints to take the spotlight.

Low volume fabric prints are the unsung heroes of the textile world. Their understated designs are not just alternatives to plain background fabrics; they're creative powerhouses. When used in conjunction with striking patchwork fabric, they elevate your creation from beautiful to breath-taking.

Embrace the potential of low volume fabrics today. Explore our selection and let your creativity run free.