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Phosphor Electric

Step into the world of Phosphor Electric, a striking fabric collection by Libs Elliott for Andover Fabrics. Comprising 18 vibrant pieces, this range is a modern twist on the classic denim texture, printed on the finest 100% cotton. Ideal for quilters, crafters, and textile artists, Phosphor Electric is a testament to Andover's reputation for excellent hand-feel and superior quality.


Envision your next project with this versatile collection, where the robustness of denim meets a kaleidoscope of colours. Whether it’s a quilt that tells a vivid story, a home decor piece that stands out, or a bespoke accessory, these fabrics bring your ideas to life with an electric spark.


Phosphor Electric invites you to explore endless possibilities with a palette that ranges from deep purples to oceanic teals to fiery oranges. Libs Elliott’s designs ensure that each creation is not just made, but passionately crafted. Dive into this collection and let the rich textures and hues fuel your next creative endeavour.