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Heirloom Premium 80/20 Cotton Blend

Promotional image featuring Hobbs Heirloom Premium 80/20 Cotton Wadding. The brand's logo is displayed at the top in an elegant font. Below the logo, the product is specified in bold green lettering, emphasizing the 80% cotton and 20% blend composition. In the background, the layered cotton wadding is partially visible.Craft the foundation of your quilting projects with unparalleled quality and a commitment to sustainability at Morris Works. Our curated collection of Heirloom Premium 80/20 Cotton Poly Blend Quilt Wadding is meticulously designed to cater to every quilter's need, from ambitious large-scale projects to intricate crafts and quilting endeavors.

Our Heirloom Premium 80/20 blend masterfully combines 80% unbleached cotton with 20% polyester, striking the perfect balance between softness, durability, and eco-friendly craftsmanship. With the exception of the full 27.4 metre rolls, all of our wadding products are cut in-house, ensuring precision and care in every piece we offer. This hands-on approach allows us to provide a range of sizes tailored to your project needs, while maintaining our commitment to environmental responsibility by using plastic-free packaging.

Explore our range, including expansive rolls for grand projects, pre-cut sizes for convenience, and eco-conscious remnants for experimentation or smaller works. Each variant of our Heirloom Premium wadding is needle punched and resin bonded without scrim, ensuring a softer quilt with excellent drape. This product supports a maximum stitch or tie distance of 4 inches (10cm), offering flexibility in quilting designs, and a 3-5% shrinkage rate ensures your work maintains its integrity after washing.

Embrace our dedication to exceptional quality and environmental stewardship. Discover the ideal foundation for your quilting, textile arts, and craft sewing projects with the Heirloom Premium 80/20 Quilt Wadding collection at Morris Works, where creativity meets sustainability.