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Quality Quilt Wadding from Top Brands: Discover Your Perfect Match

Discover the top-tier selection of quilt wadding by trusted brands such as Hobbs, The Warm Company, Pellon Legacy and Sew Simple. Our assortment provides quilters and crafters with a variety of wadding / batting choices in diverse fibre compositions and wadding widths. Whether you're dedicated to a specific brand or ready to venture into trying something new, we've got the perfect match for your next quilting endeavour.

Delve into our comprehensive collection of high-quality quilt wadding from leading brands. Each wadding brand is selected for its durability and excellence, available in an assortment of sizes and cuts to cater to your unique project requirements. If you find yourself uncertain or have any questions, don't hesitate to ring us. We stand ready to assist you in pinpointing the perfect wadding for your next quilting project.