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Queen (UK King) Size Wadding Packs

Embark on Your Quilting Journey with Convenient Queen (UK King) Wadding Packs

Quilt made with Queen Size Wadding Pack - Embark on Your Quilting Journey Welcome to the heartland of quality wadding fabric, where we celebrate your passion for quilting. Discover our collection of Queen Size Quilt Wadding, crafted especially for the quintessential British quilter. Each of our Queen size wadding packs are hand-cut to 108” length with widths ranging between 90-96”. Some of our packages do come in larger cuts than offered from the manufacturer’s package!

Our Queen size packs are specifically designed to cater to your UK King bed quilting needs. The term 'Queen' originates from North American bedding sizes, denoting a product perfect for your UK King bed projects. These pre-cut wadding packs are expertly cut in-house, promising an unparalleled quilting experience.

View & Download our free UK Bed Size ChartWe value sustainability as much as you do. Hence, we ensure that all our pre-cut batting is shipped in plastic-free packaging, bonding our love for crafts with our commitment to the environment. Explore the variety of brands within this category and let the quality of our Queen Quilt Wadding inspire your next sewing masterpiece.