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Greater Selection, Larger Sizes, Less Waste: Our Unique Pre-Cut Batting Packs

View and Download our free UK Bed Size GuideDiscover the extensive range of Pre-Cut Wadding Packs at Morris Works, each one meticulously hand-cut from the bolt, ensuring superior quality and a wealth of size options for your quilting endeavours. We’ve revolutionised the way we package our quilt batting packs; each pre-cut wadding piece is carefully folded, paper-wrapped and boxed for utmost protection during transit.

All wadding packs are cut in-house, enabling us to curate a diverse range of sizes that you'd struggle to find elsewhere. As we cut directly from the bolt, our pre-cut wadding offers larger dimensions and a wider variety of choice across your favourite quilt batting - perfect for all of your quilting projects.

Our method ensures a more manageable, folded wadding that's a joy to work with - no heavily creased pre-cut batting for you to deal with. Furthermore, we champion eco-conscious practices by reducing plastic waste. The wadding packaging is completely plastic-free, contributing to a greener planet. Experience the uniqueness of our hand-cut wadding packs and embrace the remarkable advantages they offer for your quilting artwork.