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Quilt Kits

As many of us know,  there is a lot of work from when we first decide to make a quilt to finally getting to those first stitches to start our patchwork quilt.


So much work goes into choosing the pattern, size and selecting the colours and patterns of each fabric. If you don't have your chosen fabric(s) in your stash, you often have to buy additional fabrics in 1/4 metre increments (even if you just need a much smaller quantity).


Sometimes there is even the additional joy of all the calculation (and finger crossing that you got it right). Then there is all that cutting....when do we get to the fun part?


Quilt kits take care of nearly all the planning work for you - pattern, instruction, the right amount of fabric in perfect coordinating colours are all ready for you to just get to the sewing!


Many of the kits we have and will continue to add will also be offered as Pre Cut - saving you time and the occasional "oops".


In addition, many of our smaller quilt kits include the wadding and backing fabric - all you need to supply is the thread. Our larger kits (throws to bed quilts) come with all the fabric for the patchwork top, and the option for you to add the quantity needed for your choice of our stocked wadding. If you need backing fabric, we will also offer beautifully coordinated fabric as an optional add on to your kit.


New to quilting? A quilt kit is a great way to start you first few projects, saving you both time and money.