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Pin & Needle Storage

Keep it Sharp & Safe: Pin Cushions & Dishes

Discover our Pin & Needle Storage CollectionExplore a world of order and safety with our splendid range of Pin & Needle Storage products for quilters, textile artists and crafters. Keeping your pins and needles in one place ensures they remain sharp, prevents damage and saves you from the hassle of accidental pricks.

Whether you're smitten with the charm of a simple tomatoe pin cushion or prefer the utility of a magnetic pin cushion, our collection has something to satisfy every taste. The classic tomatoe pin cushion is an enduring favourite, while the magnetic pin cushion keeps your pins securely in place, even if it takes a tumble. Extend your interest to our wrist pin cushions. Conveniently strapped to your wrist, these cushions keep your pins at arm's length while you're engrossed in your project.

Explore our magnetic pin dish options for an innovative approach to needle storage. Not only do they provide a secure home for your pins and needles, but their magnetic properties make retrieving any fallen items a breeze. Complete your collection with our sewing needle case range. Safeguard your delicate needles from damage and keep them ready for use at all times.

Indulge in our Pin & Needle Storage collection. Experience convenience, safety, and style all in one place.