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Heirloom Natural 100% Wool

Hobbs Heirloom Premium 100% Wool Batting (Wadding) is a highly sought-after wadding that has become a favorite among quilters. It is known for its soft and luxurious feel, as well as its ability to bring out a quilter's piecing and stitching. This batting needles beautifully, maintains its loft, and has exceptional resilience.


Made from the finest superwashed wool, Hobbs wool wadding for quilts is lightweight, breathable, and suitable for use in all climates, even hot and humid ones. The superwashing process smooths the scales on the wool fibers, making it pleasant to the touch and less likely to shrink. This product is also strong and resists bearding and migration.


Hobbs Heirloom Premium 100% Wool Batting (Wadding) is a popular choice for show quilts due to its ability to showcase a quilter's piecing and stitching while hanging beautifully without a crease in sight. However, it should be noted that this batting should be used with medium or dark fabrics, as the natural wool color may be visible through lighter fabrics. It is recommended that quilters test the batting with their chosen fabric(s) to ensure that darkening or shadowing will not be an issue.


This batting can be stitched up to 4" apart and is machine washable (once inside a quilt) with an expected shrinkage of 3-5%.