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Fusible Fabric Sprays

Looking for a convenient adhesive solution to simplify your quilting and fabric craft projects? Look no further than fusible fabric sprays! Available in two main types - temporary hold and permanent fuse - these sprays offer versatile bonding options for a range of applications.Temporary and permanent fabric adhesives

Temporary hold, or basting sprays, are the ideal choice for applique and quilt basting. They create a temporary bond that allows for easy repositioning of fabric layers without leaving any residue, making the sewing or quilting process more manageable and precise. Perfect for those who need to hold fabric pieces in place while working, these sprays offer an efficient solution that won't compromise the quality of your work.

For a more durable bond between fabric layers, opt for permanent fuse sprays. These sprays require heat setting, typically using an iron, to activate the adhesive and create a strong, long-lasting bond. They're suitable for no-sew projects and other fabric crafts that require a secure connection without the need for stitching.

With fusible fabric sprays, you can achieve professional results without the hassle of traditional adhesives or sewing techniques. These sprays offer a user-friendly option that's both efficient and effective, giving you the freedom to focus on your creative vision without the stress of complicated bonding methods.

So why wait? Try fusible fabric sprays today and discover the convenience and versatility they offer for all your sewing and quilting needs.