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Ironing Sprays and Accessories

Ironing Sprays and AccessoriesWelcome to our ironing sprays and accessories page! We carry a ironing and pressing sprays, to add body and create a flawless finish on your fabrics.

Starch sprays are perfect for those who want to achieve a crisp look for their quilting fabric and blocks, making it easier to cut and piece your fabrics. Fabric boosters are ideal for those who want to add extra body to their fabrics - perfect for thinner material. These sprays contain special ingredients that help to plump up the fabric, making it feel fuller and more controlable. They're perfect for use on fabrics that have lost their shape or body over time, as they can restore the fabric's original structure and texture.

In addition to our range of ironing sprays, we also carry a selection of accessories. Our non-stick pressing sheets are designed to protect your fusible products from sticking to your iron. And our iron rests are perfect for keeping your iron in place while you're working on your project so you can focus on getting the perfect finish.

We're committed to helping you achieve the best possible results with your patchwork and craft pressing, our  sprays and accessories are designed to help you do just that. Browse our growing range of products today and see how these can help you achieve perfect results, every time.