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Save on Your Quilting Projects with Our Quilt Wadding Sale


For those passionate about quilting, our quilt wadding sale presents a fantastic opportunity to stock up on high-quality materials. We are offering a selection of wadding brands that we're discontinuing, making this the perfect time for you to purchase these essential quilting supplies at a great value.


As we look forward to introducing an exciting new line of wadding in 2024, we're making space by clearing out our current stock of select quilt waddings. This gives you the chance to explore various types of waddings that have been popular among quilters. Whether you're working on a cosy quilt for the home or a special project, the right wadding can make all the difference, providing the warmth, texture, and comfort you desire.


Our sale is not just about offering discounts; it's about giving you access to quality wadding materials that can elevate your quilting projects. Browse through our range and choose the wadding that best suits your quilting style and needs. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your quilting supplies with top-notch wadding at an affordable price.