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Must-Have Tools for Every Passionate Quilter's Collection

Elevate Your Quilting with Our Specialty Other Must-HavesWelcome to our range of “Other Must-Haves”, the perfect playground for passionate quilters in search of those special tools. Ever found yourself wishing there was a tool to make aspects of your patchwork and quilting journey smoother? You could find it right here in our expertly curated collection of quilting gloves, specialty measuring tapes and much more.

Avid quilters know, it's often those little extras that can make a huge difference to their sewing projects. Delight in the comfort and grip of our quilting gloves, get accurate with our specialty measuring tapes, or keep everything in place with quilt roll clips.

The craft of quilting holds no secrets for us, and we understand your needs. So we've included binding makers, ruler grips and handles, fabric guides, specialty rulers and more in our selection. These items, although not absolutely essential, are greatly appreciated by those with a keen eye for quilting.

What's more, every quilter knows the importance of a clean and safe workspace. With our non-stick pressing mats, ruler grips, handles and blade disposal options, we've got you covered. Explore our brands and types of quilting tools now to find the perfect additions to your crafting collection.