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Rancho Relaxo

Create with the Calm Sensibilities of Mid Century Inspired Designs

Rancho Relaxo Fabric Collection by Libs Elliott

Experience creative serenity with Rancho Relaxo, a fabric collection by Libs Elliott for Andover Fabrics. It merges mid-century design and vintage textiles, ideal for quilters, crafters, and textile artists seeking tranquillity in their work. Enjoy a blend of soft pastels and neutral tones that bring your vision to life, whether used individually or combined for sophistication.

Racho Relaxo Free Pattern

Rancho Relaxo offers 24 fabrics in three colour variations across eight prints. Each print, adorned with geometric shapes and soft pastel blends, exudes tranquillity and allure. For those bold creatives, some prints feature shaded versions in greys for daring contrast.

Designed to inspire, the Rancho Relaxo fabric collection lets you innovate freely. Regardless of your craft, enhance your work with this collection. Each fabric piece promises a yet untold story.