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Explore Creativity with Our (Fatter) Fat Quarter Bundles

A stack of Fat Quarter Bundles arranged in a vibrant rainbow gradient on a crafting table.Welcome to our curated collection of Morris Works Studio Cut Fat Quarter Bundles, the perfect choice for the discerning quilter and textile artist. Our Fat Quarter collection offers an array of vibrant, coordinating colours and patterns, meticulously selected to harmonise beautifully. From smaller assortments of 5-8 fabrics per bundle to expansive full fabric line collections, these bundles serve not only as a staple for your sewing projects but also as a palette of inspiration for your creative endeavours.

More Fabric in Our Larger-Than-Standard Fat Quarters 

At Morris Works, our Studio Cut Fat Quarters are cut in house with quilters in might. Each piece measures generously at 20” by approximately 22” (50.8 cm by 55.9 cm), thoughtfully designed to cater to your patchwork needs with sizes divisible by 2.5” increments. 

When it comes to quilting fabrics, you value quality and variety. These bundles are ready to spark your creativity in projects ranging from intricate patchwork and textile crafts to stylish home decor and unique accessories. Our fat quarter bundles are superb for stash-building, offering a variety of designs in practical quantities, making them a cost-effective way to broaden your fabric assortment.

Immerse yourself in a world where fabric meets imagination, and let our unique Studio Cut Fat Quarter Bundles inspire your next quilting adventure. They’re not just pieces of fabric—they’re the foundation of your next creative breakthrough.