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Cutting & Pressing Mats

Welcome to our Cutting Mats and Pressing Mats category page! Here you will find a range of mats designed to make your sewing and crafting projects easier and more precise. Cutting and Pressing Mats

Our cutting mats are specifically designed for use with rotary cutters, providing a stable and durable surface that ensures accurate cuts every time. We offer a variety of sizes to suit your needs, both in regular and rotating styles which allow you to turn your fabric without having to move the mat. Our cutting mats feature a handy grid pattern, making it easy to measure and cut straight lines.

Our pressing mats are perfect for pressing quilt blocks and small fabric crafts by your sewing machine or anywhere you need a small ironing surface. These mats provide a heat-absorbing and firm surface that helps to set seams and flatten fabric without creating creases. These pressing mats are also highly portable, making them ideal for taking with you to classes or retreats.

For the ultimate in convenience, we also offer a range of 2-in-1 cutting and pressing mats. These versatile mats provide both a cutting surface and a pressing surface in one compact and convenient unit. This means you can easily switch between cutting and pressing without having to move or change mats, making your sewing and crafting projects even more efficient.

No matter if you are new to sewing and crafting or have years of experience, our cutting mats and pressing mats are great tools to achieve high-quality results. Explore our collection today to discover the ideal mat for your next project!