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Fabric Hold, Crease & Marking Tools

Fabric Marking Tools: Your Key to Precise Piecing & Quilting

Discover Heat, Water, and Air Erasable Pens for QuiltingImmerse yourself in the world of patchwork and quilting precision with our splendid assortment of Fabric Marking Tools. Embrace the accuracy and detail that your textile artistry craves, with a selection of marking tools ranging from fabric pens to hera marking tools. Every fabric marker pen in our collection is chosen for its superior quality and the vivid, easy-to-see markings it produces.

Explore our heat erasable pens, known for their bold lines that vanish with a simple press of an iron, perfect for temporary markings. Experience the convenience of water erasable and air erasable pens, a blessing for crafters needing short-term guide marks. Our quilt marking pens are a must-have in any quilter’s toolkit, designed to provide sharp, clean lines for precision quilting.

The hera marking tool, a quilter’s dream, allows you to create temporary indentations, perfect for machine and hand quilting. It’s an excellent tool for turning fabric and pressing out folded seams. Beyond marking, we offer seam wands, binding makers, and stilettos, rounding out your essential crafting toolkit.

Embark on your artistic journey with our Fabric Marking Tools - making your creations more accurate than ever before.