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We Are Your Trusted Source for Quilting Gloves & Basting Tools

High-Quality Quilt Basting Safety Pins & SpraysYou’ve bought your wadding - so it just about time to start quilting!! Our dedication lies in ensuring you are equipped with the right tools and supplies to make your quilting projects a success.

When creating your quilt sandwich, ensuring no shifting of the three layers - the top fabric, wadding (or batting), and backing fabric - is paramount to a beautifully finished quilt. It's here our selection of quilting basting products come into play.

Discover our range of quilt basting safety pins and straight quilting pins for basting, available in various sizes and quantities to suit any project. These sturdy pins are reusable and are your trusted allies in holding your quilt sandwich together, ensuring precision and ease in your work.

Complement your choice of pins with our high-quality quilt basting sprays. Sourced from trusted manufacturers, these sprays are specifically designed for quilt basting, offering an alternative or addition to pins for maintaining the position of your layers.

Lastly, take control of your quilting with our selection of machine quilting gloves. These specially designed gloves aid in handling your work, allowing you to focus entirely on the art of quilting. Enhance your quilting journey with us today!