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Lucky Dip Scrap Bags

Quality Fabric Scraps for Creative Projects

A colourful assortment of pre-cut fabric scraps in various sizes and patterns, ideal for quilting and sewing projects.Welcome to our exclusive collection of Lucky Dip Scrap Bags, a treasure trove for every creative quilter and sewing enthusiast. Each bundle is different and a delightful surprise, packed with an assortment of fabric scrap pieces, each measuring no smaller than a 2.5-inch square. These bundles are perfect for adding a touch of variety to your projects, making them a must-have for anyone who values creativity and craftsmanship in their sewing endeavors.

Our Lucky Dip Scrap Bags are meticulously put together to provide a diverse selection of high-quality fabrics. Whether you're working on patchwork and quilting, home decor sewing projects, accessories sewing, bag making, general craft sewing, or textile arts, these scrap bags offer endless possibilities. Each piece in the bundle can be a unique addition to your fabric stash, allowing you to experiment with different textures, colours, and patterns.

Quilters understand the value of every piece of fabric, and our Lucky Dip Scrap Bags are designed with this philosophy in mind. With these bundles, you can create stunning patchworks, intricate quilt designs, or add charming details to your home decor projects. The variety within each bag ensures that you’ll always have the perfect piece at hand to complete your vision.

Embrace the joy of discovery with our Lucky Dip Scrap Bags. Each bag is a surprise, making your sewing projects even more exciting. These bundles are not just about utility but also about inspiring creativity and innovation in your craft. Add these versatile and high-quality fabric scraps to your collection and let your imagination soar. Happy sewing!