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Morris Code for Fabric

Precision Fabric Colour Matching with the Morris Code

Colourful fabric background for the Morris Fabric Code for Fabric

Purchasing fabric online often presents a unique challenge: ensuring the colours match your vision. For sewing patchwork and quilting, home decor projects, crafting accessories or textile arts, accurate colour representation is important. At Morris Works, the frustration of mismatched fabrics becomes a thing of the past with our innovative solution, the “Morris Code for Fabric.”

At Morris Works, every plain, main background and tonal fabric is carefully colour-matched using a 24-colour palette. Our Morris Code covers the full spectrum of tints, shades, and tones, derived from the 24 pure base colours in the palette. This meticulous attention to detail ensures that the fabric you receive will perfectly match your colour hue expectations for your project.

We understand that viewing colour on screens can misrepresent colours, and it’s disheartening to receive fabric that doesn't meet your expectations after spending considerable time planning your design. Our commitment to precision means you can buy fabric online with confidence, knowing the colours will be true to what you envisioned.

3-in-1 Color Tool

We utilise “The Ultimate 3-in-1 Color Tool” by Joen Wolfram, an industry-standard palette that ensures consistency and accuracy in colour matching. This tool can also be ordered online if you wish to have your own copy.

You can also search for general fabric colour groupings in the Printed Cotton Fabric and Plain Cotton Fabric sections of our site. Fabrics with multiple colours will not be listed in this section, but can be found in our Multi-Colour Prints section.

If you need assistance matching fabric you already own, Morris Works offers a fabric matching service. Simply send us a small sample of your fabric along with your contact details, and we will identify and match the colour within our selection. Your fabric sample will be returned with your order, ensuring a seamless process from start to finish.

With the Morris Code for Fabric, the guesswork is eliminated. Enjoy the ease of finding matching colours for your sewing projects, knowing that each purchase from Morris Works brings precision, quality, and satisfaction.