Bamboo Wadding

Bamboo wadding is not as common as the other quilt wadding types but it is gaining in popularity - and for good reason. This silky soft wadding is perfect for baby quilts and quilted garments!


Bamboo Wadding: A wadding fabric made from bamboo or a blend of bamboo and another natural fibre.


Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial and can be used for any type of quilt.  It is also ideal for use in humid conditions as it dries three times faster than cotton wadding and naturally resistant to mold and mildew growth.


Bamboo is a wonderful renewable fiber for quilt wadding as it is harvested from fast growing plants. Bamboo wadding is low loft, lightweight, breathable and has a beautiful drape - even when densely machine quilted. Similar to cotton, bamboo wadding a “static grab” that grips fabric making it easy to baste prior to quilting. These waddings do have a scrim and are lovely to quilt by machine or by hand.