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Plain Purple Cotton Fabric

100% Cotton Quilting Fabric

Made from high-quality, natural fibers, this collection features a stunning array of shades of purple, from deep eggplant to soft lavender. Our plain purple cotton fabric are curated from trusted brands such as Paint Brush Studio, Makower, Benartex, and Rose & Hubble. These high-quality fabrics offer a range of rich and beautiful purples, perfect for adding a touch of elegance and depth to your quilting and sewing projects.

The 100% cotton fabric is easy to work with, making it perfect for a wide range of projects, from patchwork quilts to intricate applique designs. The plain purple design of the fabric allows it to be easily paired with other colors and patterns, providing endless creative possibilities.

With its vibrant colors, soft texture, and versatility, plain purple fabrics are a must-have for any quilter or fabric crafts enthusiast. At Morris Works, we are committed to providing our customers with high-quality fabrics at great prices. Browse our collection of plain purple cotton fabric today and add a touch of purple to your next project.