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Stripes & Lines

Part of a Collection of Versatile Striped Fabrics for Modern Textile ArtistsBold Stripes & Dynamic Lines: Striped Fabric and Prints with Lines

Stripes and line prints on fabric transcend mere design; they evoke a visual symphony of vibrant hues, differing widths, and unique spacing. Dive into our assorted collection of stripe print fabric to experience this timeless, versatile aesthetic.

Our striped fabric inventory showcases an array of designs, each with the power to transform a quilt or textile artwork. Each stripe, whether bold or delicate, is defined by its distinctive thickness, colour, and spacing. The allure of these straight lines, running parallel or intersecting, is undeniable.

Venture beyond conventional stripes with our curated selection of fabric with diagonal lines. These artistic, modern patterns challenge the usual, making them a must-have for any textile artist looking to add an unexpected twist.

Our printed cotton fabric, specifically designed for patchwork and quilting, ranges from classic and sophisticated to daring and playful. Whether you're crafting with striped cotton fabric or embracing the dynamic appeal of cotton quilting fabric with lines, the possibilities are endless.

Experience the transformation stripes and line prints can bring to your creations. Explore our range today and turn your fabric dreams into crafted realities.