Super-Soft 60/40 Black Cotton Blend Quilt Wadding 90" wide 15 metre Bolt

7,250.00 Grams
Only £10.49 per metre when bought by the 15 metre bolt! - Will Not Separate or Bunch - Will Not Shift, Migrate or Beard - Quilt or Tie Leaving up to 10″ Open

 *All bolt quantities are presale items due to limited studio space. Expect delivery 4-8 business days from order date.
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Sew Simple Super-Soft 60/40 Black Cotton Blend Wadding for Quilting 

Super-soft 60% cotton and 40% polyester blend wadding with scrim.

60% dyed cotton and 40% polyester in black with scrim. Our Black Cotton Blend is great for machine quilting but also suitable for hand quilting and particularly good for quilting with dark fabrics.

All our cotton in our wadding blends is ethically manufactured to the highest quality with UltraClean carding used to ensure the removal any foreign particles which may tarnish finished quilts or damage sewing machine needles. 2-5% shrinkage when washed.

Quilt or Tie Leaving up to 10 inches between stitches.

Dispatches between 2-3 business days, UK delivery via courier, estimated delivery time 2-5 days.