June Tailor Mix 'N' Match - Heart

June Taylor
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Six heart sizes per pack!
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June Tailor Mix and Match Hearts Templates

Six heart sizes per pack

Mix ’n Match Templates are transparent plastic templates that allow you to design beautiful stitching patterns easily. You can use single shapes or a combination of shapes to create the perfect design for your quilt top.

Since the Mix ’n Match Template shapes are available in six sizes, they are perfect for blocks ranging from 3” to 13”. You can use the Mix ’n Match Templates for quilt top stitching designs or as appliqué shapes.

Simply, draw horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines onto your quilt block. Choose which template shape and size template you would like to use. Remove the template from the chain. Position the desired size template onto your quilt block. Using the dotted lines on the template, align the template to the layout on your block. Trace around the template using your favorite marking tool. Then hand or machine stitch your design.

  • Perfect to design beautiful stitching and applique patterns 
  • Versatile templates in multiple sizes 
  • Use for quilt top stitching designs or as applique shapes 
  • Perfect for 3 to 13 inch blocks 
  • Six sizes per pack