Legacy 50/50 Cotton Wool Wadding for Quilts - 5 Sizes

Legacy by Pellon
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A great alternative to 80/20 cotton quilt wadding in a natural blend. Benefits include additional warmth and slightly higher loft in this beautiful wadding for quilting. This 50% wool / 50% cotton batting is a needle-punched blended wool wadding with a scrim. Will not separate or bunch nor shift or migrate. This wadding fabric can be quilted or tied leaving up to 10″ open. Quilt Wadding Packs available in Craft, Crib, Twin (UK Single), Full (UK Double), Queen (UK King) sizes.
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Legacy 50/50 Wool/Cotton Wadding Packs for Quilting 

50% Wool 50% Cotton

A warm and soft wadding for quilts. Natural wool and cotton wadding, needle punched with scrim.

Cotton/Wool blend wadding has the benefits of both warmth of wool with the softness of cotton. It is soft to touch and drapes better than a wool/poly wadding.

This medium loft wadding resembles felt and is a popular and reliable choice for show quilts. Less shrinkage to 100% cotton and more washable than 100% wool, it’s a practical choice for quilts that will be used regularly.

A wool/cotton blend batting is a very good option if you want warmth but at the same time a lightweight batting. It is an all weather quilt – cool in summer and warm in winter.

Wool blend batting / wadding is great for both hand quilting and machine quilting. Wool utilises wool's lightweight, odour resistant and biodegradable properties - it’s also a natural fire retardant. Wool in the warmest type of quilt wadding, and both wool and cotton wadding breathes better than polyester waddings.

This needle punched, wool blend, wadding is carded and then finely needled into a luxurious 50/50 wool/cotton wadding, reinforced with a fine scrim, which prevents it from stretching while quilting.

This incredibly soft, high quality, wool/cotton wadding gives breathable insulation and ease of use for exceptional quilting.

  • 50% Wool / 50% Cotton 
  • Machine or hand quilt up to 10in apart 
  • Hand washing / soaking in cold water is recommended. Avoid agitation. Use a gentle detergent recommended for quilts and wool. Lay flat to air dry.

Please note: do not wash batting until covered in fabric / completed project.

Craft Size Pre Cut Wadding Pack

Quilt wadding is cut to 34 x 45 inches. The perfect quantity for mini quilts, table runners, placemats, pillow covers, small quilted wall hangings and much more.

Crib Size Pre Cut Wadding Pack

Quilt wadding is cut to 60 x 45 inches. This size is ideal for lap quilts, cot or baby quilts or quilted wall hangings.

Twin / Single Size Pre Cut Wadding Pack 

Quilt wadding is cut to 72 x 90 inches. This is sized for UK Single quilt size (North American size Twin).

Full / Double Size Pre Cut Wadding Pack

Quilt wadding is cut to 90 x 96 inches. This is sized for UK Double quilt size (North American size Full).

UK King Size Pre Cut Wadding Pack 

Quilt wadding is cut to 90 x 108 inches. This is sized for UK King quilt size (North American size Queen).

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