Wool Wadding

Wool is lightweight, warm, and moisture-wicking, making it a great choice for bed quilts or garments in all seasons and climates.


Wool Wadding: A wadding fabric made from 100% wool or blended with other fibres.


Wool is the warmest of the quilt waddings available - but it is also great for summer quilts due to it being both breathable and lightweight. The natural spiral of wool fibres form large air pockets which retains warmth while still remaining breathable. Wool is well-known for wicking moisture away, so it is a practical choice for quilts that will be used regularly.


One of the great characteristics of wool fibre is its resilience – it doesn’t lose shape and bounces back if crumpled. If you’re looking for a natural fiber that’s resistant to creases, wool wadding is your best choice. Wool quilt wadding produces great stitch-definition for showing off fancy machine quilting. It’s also beautiful to quilt with by hand. 


Many people are allergic to wool, so be sure you only use it for quilts that will be used by those without allergies. As long as there are no allergies of concern, wool can be used for any quilting project.