Solids / Plain Cotton Fabric

There is nothing “plain” about plain cotton cloth - I find it quite solid! 


Plain cotton fabric is a staple for any fabric craft, especially quilters. Designs need a visual break - and this is where plain cotton fabric comes to play. 


Coloured, patterned and plain fabrics pulled together makes your quilt unique and one of a kind. Plain fabrics can work as a canvas for your patchwork quilting to stand out and be seen. Plain cotton material can also be used exclusively in a patchwork design - where you let the colours do all the talking!


When buying fabric for quilt making - especially solids - you want to ensure you have a quality fabric with a quilting weight above 140 GSM (grams per square metre). This will help reduce the transparency of light coloured solid fabrics, which tends to reveal EVERY STRAY THREAD behind it! We carry a high quality, craft cotton with a 158 GSM weight for all our plain cotton fabrics.  


Our online fabric shop stocks quality 100% plain cotton fabric at great prices. Search our current (and ever growing) range of plain quilting fabrics. 


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