Morris Works Studio Fat Quarter Shop

"Fat Quarter Packs - you make the Quilting World Go ‘round..."

Fabric for sewing & quilting draws most of us into fabric shops, colourful bolts of fabrics lining the shelves. And then came along the fat quarter bundle - a miniature version of fabric bolts in fabric shops (but much easier to carry home). 


You don’t have to be a quilter to have a magnetic attraction to fat quarter fabric bundles. Just imagine opening that little cotton fabric bundle. Picture your hand smoothing that fat quarter fabric, then pressing it crisp with a hot iron…. 


Most of our fabric fat quarter bundles are exclusive to our Fat Quarter Shop. Our fat fabric bundles are customise by Gabrielle - hand-picked for colour, contrast and texture from our current fabric stocks. Like a good recipe, we mix textures, colours, collections and brands for unique and modern fat fabric bundles.


All Morris Works fat quarter fabric are studio cut at 22” x 20” with the quantity marked on the fabric bundle.


Oh, and they won’t last. Once a specific bundle is sold out, we will mix up new blends to keep our offerings fresh and relevant to the current colour trends. 

Morris Works’ Fat Quarter Shop offers a selection of fat quarter fabric bundles for patchwork and quilting. View our ever-changing fabric fat quarter bundles on offer.