Cotton Wadding

Cotton wadding is the most popular choice of quilt wadding for quilters. Even though it's a common choice, cotton wadding is far from average!


Cotton Wadding: A wadding fabric made of 50% or more of cotton fibers.


Cotton wadding (or batting) is a classic, natural fiber wadding fabric. Cotton is breathable, absorbs moisture and retains both cool and warm temperatures. Cotton has been used as wadding for as long as quilting has existed - so you know it has been proven and accepted by quilters!


100% cotton quilt wadding.

Below you will find our great selection of cotton quilt waddings. You can also filter our products to see our 100% Cotton, Cotton / Poly Blends or Cotton / Natural Blends


Does your quilt top have a lot of white or very light fabrics? Naturtal cotton wadding is an off-white / creamy colour which sometimes can have white fabrics look a little less white in certain lighting conditions. Keep your whites and lights looking bright with our selection of White Cotton Wadding.