Natural Wadding

Natural wadding is almost always a great choice for your quilt. Why almost? Well, this does depend on the use and recipient of the quilt.


Natural Wadding: A wadding fabric made only from plant and/or animal fibers.


One of the greatest benefits of natural wadding, is that it is breathable whilst still being warm. This is a comfort consideration if the purpose of the quilt is to sleep (or snuggle) under. A breathable fiber will keep the warmth in the cooler weather and still provide comfort in warmer weather. All natural waddings are also a great choice for heirloom pieces.

100% all natural quilt wadding fabrics.


Do keep in mind the recipient of the quilt - especially if the quilt will be used as bedding, as some people may have allergy considerations. Though wool wadding is the warmest, it might not be appreciated if it triggers allergies. If your quilted piece will be washed often or is more utilitarian, you may want to quilt closer than the manufacturer’s recommended stitch spacing. Alternatively, you may find that a Poly Blend or 100% Polyester might be better suited for the project.

All natural waddings will shrink a bit during the first wash (something to take into consideration) and quilts should be laid flat to dry.We offer a great selection of natural waddings including Cotton, Wool and Bamboo