Heat Resistant Wadding

Heat resistant wadding is great used in table toppers, table runners and placemats can protect your table top from heat transfer from hot crockery. Potholders, oven mitts, soft lunch sacks, bowl cozy and casserole covers are simple, quick projects made functional and safe with heat resistant batting.


Insulated wadding is ideal for both hot and cold applications. If using to make potholders, do remember that these products are heat resistant NOT heat proof. For potholders, it is recommended that you add an additional layer of cotton or wool wadding.


Due to the reflective metabolized polyester in some of these products, these products will not be microwave safe (do read the enclosed instructions).


The fibre content of heat resistant wadding is between 92-94% polyester and 6-8% mylar. Polyester fibres are needle punched thru the reflective metabolized polyester film. Insulated wadding does not need to be prewashed and will not shrink during first wash. Good for both hand and machine quilting.


Heat resistant wadding batting for oven mitts

Check out Debbie Shore's tutorial on how to make double oven mitts.